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I am now retired from teaching at Lake State.

Thanks to everybody - students and staff - for a most enjoyable 20 years.

As a result, these courses have not, nor will not be updated,

but you are welcome to use anything you wish.


Courses  (Click on your course.)                                                                                   

Description Semester Notes
ENGL110                                                                      Freshman Composition  Shorter Essays   3 cr
ENGL111                                                                       Freshman Composition Longer and Research Essays   3 cr

RECA194       Open Water Scuba Diver                                               


  1 cr
RECA100          Advanced Open Water Diver                            1 cr
TA441       (Write for info)                                      Secondary English Methods   3 cr
THEA161                                                         Problems in Speech and Drama (Acting)   1 cr
THEA161                                                         Problems in Speech and Drama (PR and Education)   1 cr
THEA251                             History of Theatre I - Beginnings to Renaissance   3 cr
THEA252                                        History of Theatre II - Renaissance to Now   3 cr
THEA333               Studies in the Drama: The Genre and Theatre in Context   3 cr
INDT339                                                                        Internship in Dramaturgy   3 cr
INTD490                                                                 The Pre-production Process   3 cr
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