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I am now retired from teaching at Lake State.

Thanks to everybody - students and staff - for a most enjoyable 20 years.

As a result, these courses have not, nor will not be updated,

but you are welcome to use anything you wish.


Courses  (Click on your course.)                                                                                   

Description Semester Notes
ENGL110                                                          Freshman Composition:  Shorter Essays   3 cr
ENGL111                                                           Freshman Composition:   Longer and Research Essays   3 cr

RECA194       Open Water Scuba Diver

  1 cr
RECA100          Advanced Open Water Diver                            1 cr
TA441       (Write for info)                                   Secondary English Methods   3 cr
THEA161                                                            Problems in Speech and Drama (Acting)   1 cr
THEA161                                                            Problems in Speech and Drama (PR and Education)   1 cr
THEA251                                                               History of Theatre I - Beginnings to Renaissance   3 cr
THEA252                                                               History of Theatre II - Renaissance to Now   3 cr
THEA333                                                               Studies in the Drama: The Genre and Theatre in Context   3 cr
INDT339                                                                   Internship in Dramaturgy   3 cr
INTD490                                                                     The Pre-production Process   3 cr
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