CanadianTheatre is Killing Itself
5:21pm - 07/01/2016

how canadian theatre is killing itself, or how to REALLY love our audiences

Ten Reasons to go to a Play by Cheryl Ray
3:43pm - 12/19/2015

Reasons to Go to a Play and Support Local Theatre

Audiences are assholes By Sarah Garton Stanley
3:27pm - 09/04/2015

Taken from #CdnCult, Taken from #CdnCult: Reporting and commentary about Canadian performance culture in Internet times • August 6, 2015.


Connection with AlgomaU
8:20pm - 03/03/2014

Dr. Roxanne Ray, at the University of Washington, put out this post back in January, and it got me to thinking (always a dangerous state of affairs).  She said that her university would like to "strengthen its connections to [its] local arts communities."


Specifically she asked:

How do universities
#1 - Stagnation of Experience
5:38pm - 12/10/2012

We enter the theatre sometime after1/2 hour before curtain time and, and sit in our assigned seats to flit fretfully through the programme and periodically check our watches to see how much longer to curtain time.  We scan the other members of the audience, either to see who is there, or to be seen.  We listen to music that may or may not have anything to do with the show.  A s

Just thinking about theatre
2:18am - 12/06/2012

At a recent (December 2012) production a member of the audience, and someone who is passionate about the theatre, asked, "Why can't we get audiences into the theatre?"

It got me to thinking, why indeed?  And so I'm going to initiate the discussion by posing some ideas t


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