Hi Bob,

We have configured your ENGL1801A course based on the course syllabus you submitted, within the Basic Design Template and Algoma approved configuration. We have added placeholders to each week in the course that you can change to suit your requirements. Any content you previously added (e.g. Instructor details) has been left intact.  Please feel free to continue editing and designing your course.

Editing in Moodle:

1. First, click on Turn editing on (top right button)

2. To change an existing (placeholder) activity, choose Edit > Edit settings beside the activity you wish to update

3. To add an activity, choose + Add an activity or resource

4. To add another week section, choose + Add weeks

5. To change the Gradebook, choose Gradebook setup on the Administration block

Check out these helpful resources:

·         Watch this short Get Ready for Fall 2020 video.

·         Log into the AU Moodle website using your username and password:

·         Go to the Moodle Orientation for Algoma University Instructors

·         If you've never taught online courses, check the Best Practices in Online Learning section:

·         To learn more about Moodle and make the most of all the features, watch the videos in the Instructors' Moodle Resources section:

·         Attend the upcoming webinars where you can learn and ask questions about Moodle and online learning.

If you have any other Moodle related questions, please send a detailed email to


Hi Bob,

You indicated in your email a few minutes ago that you will be using Zoom for your live sessions; therefore, your Zoom account has been assigned to your Moodle account.  

Your Zoom Basic account will be turned into a Zoom Pro account on September 1st. All of the account features are the same, except that until September 1st, the Zoom session length is only 40 minutes. This length is sufficient for practicing using the polls or breakout rooms or else. 

The Zoom Live sessions link has been added to your courses. You can find it at the end of the Assignments section in your courses' Moodle shell. 

If you wish to move the existing Zoom Live Sessions somewhere else in the course, please turn on the editing, then "grab” the four-direction arrow on the left side of the Live Sessions link and move it to the desired location. 

If you wish to add another Zoom Live Sessions somewhere, please turn on the editing, then click on the “+ Add an activity or resource” and select the “Zoom meeting” activity. 

Please ensure you check the “recurring” duration and leave the “require meeting password” and the “enable waiting room” checked for security. 

In the Moodle Orientation Course, at the end of the page, you can find useful Zoom Resources: 

If you have any other Moodle related questions, please send a detailed email to  

- Contact North Instructional Design Team

From: Robert Cooper
8/31/2020 10:36:01 AM


Thank you for this.

I will be using Zoom.  I told the university, who said they would arrange for the proper license for me.

I thought that was sufficient.



From: Beata Kozma
8/30/2020 6:13:11 PM