The Writing Lab--Winter 2018

Dr. Carmela Coccimiglio is pleased to offer services at The Writing Lab for Winter 2018. Office hours are as follows:

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 10-5
Fridays 9:30-4:30

Sault Ste. Marie campus students:

Students meet one-on-one with the Writing Lab Instructor for help with your writing questions and to give you strategies and tips for effective writing.

Please bring your assignment with you when you come.

To make an appointment, go to

1. Find the date/time you would like (blank spaces only), and log in:

2. For BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Your full name and the COURSE CODE;

3. For END TIME: Select 30 minutes;

4. Select SAVE at the bottom of the screen to register your appointment.

Please note: If you do not select SAVE, or your entry conflicts with another entry, your appointment will not register.

Brampton and Timmins students:

Email for more information.

For more information, go to CMS and enroll in The Writing Lab (key: writing).

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