Week One -  Winter 2020

Click on the following links and familiarize yourselves with the material presented.

A.    General Information

        1.    Syllabus and schedule  (Important information and schedule)

                General Instructions

         2.    Introductions     

                                    Tell us about yourself  (We'll do this in class, time permitting.)

                                    Student Information  (Hand this in next class.)

        3.    Memo

        4.    At home, read Stuff you should know .  Includes:

                    The transition from high school to university writing

                    Three myths you probably learned about essays in high school that you must unlearn immediately

                    Some general advice on academic essay-writing

                    Using the computer to improve your writing

                    Writing university essays

                    Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write       

      5.   Diagnostic Test Instructions - Written

        6.    Rhetorical Modes and Writing Folders