THEA 1115

Theatre Algoma

Students interested in becoming members of the Drama Club and Theatre Algoma should contact Prof. Bob Cooper, who will pass their names along to the club president and place them on the information mailing list.  If you would like to direct one of these plays, or another of your choosing, please let Coop know.

Under consideration for next year:

Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).  Dir. Dr. Linda Burnett

Hellzapoppin (a comedy review for dinner theatre).  Dir. Bob Cooper

Cox and Box (musical comedy).  Dir. Bob Cooper

Workshop a new un-named rock musical.   Dir. Bob Cooper and Fred Pelletier

Ten-minute Play Festival.

Mono Madness.

Participation in the Tennessee Williams Festival in Soo Mich.

Participation in the Superior Drama Conference, Soo Mich.

Specialty workshops (make-up, clowning, lighting, etc.)

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Bob Cooper

Phone:  705-945-8165 or Email:

Website  -

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday, 12:00 to 1:00.  Appointments preferred.

Class  Meetings  

Thursday from 7:00 to 10:00pm (or longer as necessary) in the AUC theatre and other venues as appropriate

Catalogue Description

"This course will introduce students to the arts of theatrical production, major historical styles, script analysis and performance.  A variety of creative projects are combined with lectures, discussions of local productions and guest artists.  THEA 1115 E is a general Humanities elective and a prerequisite for all Theatre Arts courses except THEA 2127 E, 2137 E and 2167 E.  Students may not retain credit for both THEA 1005 E and THEA 1115 E.  (LEC 3, EXP) (6cr)"


Wilson, E.  (2004).  The Theatre Experience.  Toronto: McGraw-Hill.


Students are expected to attend all classes for the full class time, unless they are actively involved in local theatre productions which may require their absence from class from time to time.  Time spent in community theatre, providing it does not prevent the student from understanding the course material, will be considered part of class time.

Course Requirements

Students will be expected to become acquainted with all aspects of theatrical production, historical styles, script analysis and performance, by participating actively in university and local theatrical productions, with the approval of the instructor. Students are expected to become regular theatre-goers, attending as many of the broad range of the city's theatrical presentations as possible. Students should become familiar with the general principles of the theatrical review, and thus develop an informed appreciation of live theatre.

Students will be expected to attend classes regularly and contribute to the creative energy of the class, and to prepare all coursework for presentation on the day it is due.

Students will be required to keep a journal of their thoughts on the work they have accomplished for this course.  This, together with discussions with the students, will form the basis for the "Participation Mark."

Broad Goals

Upon completion of THEA1115, students should have developed an informed appreciation of live theatre, and should be comfortable entering the exciting world of community theatre.  They should also be adequately prepared to continue their theatrical studies.


Assignments 30%
Quizzes 10%
Production Participation and performance 30%
Attendance and Contribution 10%
Major Tests 20%

Please note that missing assignments will result in a grade of zero (0) for that assignment until it is handed in, which must be within one week of the date the assignment was due.  A penalty of 10% per day, including weekends, will be assessed on all late assignments.  Those missing assignments which prevent the rest of the class or group from accomplishing their task, will be assigned an irredeemable zero (0).   No make-ups will be permitted for in-class quizzes, announced to unannounced.



Semester 1

(Chapter references to text will follow.)


Topic or Activity Text
1 Sept 9 Intro, warm-ups, improvisations.

Start devised theatre.

2 Sept 16 Report research on suicide.

Improvise sketches.  Rehearse and record.

3 Sept 23 Rehearse, revise, and record sketches.  

Begin script writing.

4 Sept 30 Rehearse and plan.  
5 Oct 7 Conference at LSSU.  :Theatre of Activism and Advocacy:  
6 Oct 14 Rehearse.  Determine sets, lights.  
7 Oct 21 Rehearse devised one-acts                                                     Intro + Chapter 1

Due: Assignment #1

8 Oct 28 Rehearse, gather props                            Chapter 2  Theatregoers Guide
9 Nov 4 Perform devised one-acts Chapter 2 Assignment #2 Due.  500-700 words
10 Nov 11 Discuss and evaluate Nov 4 performances.

Primitive Theatre

Review #1 Due

Suicide Reviews Due

11 Nov18 Attend "Chicago"

Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre

Chapter 11


12 Nov 25 Medieval Theatre In-Class Presentations Review #2 Due
13 Dec 2  PRODUCTION  
14 Dec 9  EXAMS  


Semester 2


Topic or Activity Text
1  Jan 6 Intro Semester                                                             Primitive rite/drama                                             Report assigned Web
2  Jan 13 Report on primitive drama due                              Exercises                                                                 Greek Theatre  
3  Jan 20 Gypsonna Masks   + Assignment for Jan 27 See Jan20.htm
4  Jan 27 Perform Greek monologue with mask                   Start Pageant Play  
5  Feb 3    
6  Feb 10    
7  Feb 17    
8  Mar 3    
9  Mar 10    
10  Mar 17    
11  Mar 24    
12  Mar 31    
12  Apr 7    
14  EXAMS  

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