College of Professional Studies                                                                        Spring 2013

RECA194 Scuba (0,2)                                                                                            1 Credit

Prerequisites    None


Instructor(s):        Robert Cooper  B.A, B.Ed., M.Ed. M.S.D.T.                                                                  

      Rec. Ed. Office, Norris Center                           


Office Hours:







1:30 2:00 pm


1:30 2:00 pm



Required Texts:            Open Water Scuba Diver Pack


Recommended Text:  Subscription to Dive Training Magazine (Free)


Other Requirements:  Students must be in good health.  Students may be asked for clearance from a medical doctor before being allowed in the pool.  Students must be able to swim 400 yards unassisted, and stay on the surface for 10 minutes, before completion of the pool sessions.

Lab Fee:  $200.00

Course Description This course is designed to introduce the student to the appropriate and safe use of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus,

Course GoalsThis course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of scuba diving. After successful completion of the course, students may proceed safely to their open water training dives and subsequent P.A.D.I.* Open Water Scuba Diver certification.  * P.A.D.I. : The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, the largest certifying agency in the world.


Course Objectives: At the conclusion of RECA194, a student will be able to:


1.   Demonstrate all scuba skills required for successful completion of the confined water training sessions.

2.   Show an understanding of the theory required to participate safely in the open water training dives and to continue to scuba dive in a safe manner.


Grading Scale and Policies:

     This course is performance based.  Students must show proficiency in each skill on all pool skills in order to proceed to successfully complete RA194 and proceed to open water training.


Percentage Values:


             Grading Scale:

                        98-100             A+                               70-73               C

                        94-97               A                                 66-69               C-

90-93               A-                                62-65               D+

86-89               B+                               58-61               D

82-85               B                                 54-57               D-

78-81               B-                                0-53                 F

74-77               C+


Ground Rules:


1.     Assignments, including readings and knowledge reviews, should be prepared before the class periods in which they are to be collected and discussed.  Because homework assignments, as evidenced by your completion of the Knowledge Reviews that will always be collected at the start of the class, are part of each class teaching session, it is imperative that they be completed before class.  A penalty of 50% per day will be assessed on late assignments.  Students may not proceed to the pool session until the assignment for that week has been handed in. Late assignments will not be accepted except for legitimate pre-approved reasons as determined by the instructor.  Examples of legitimate reasons are:  severe illness, death in family, etc.  All Knowledge Reviews MUST be completed, late or not.

2.     Students are expected to perform all assigned work themselves.  Any form of cheating or plagiarism will be handled in accordance with the Honor Code Procedures.  Violations of the Honor Code may result in an F for the course grade.

3.     Use of head phones, cell phones and hats is prohibited.

4.     Attend all classroom sessions.

5.     Ask questions if you do not understand something.

6.     Follow all direction in the pool and open water sessions and conduct yourself in a safe manner in and around all water.

University Policies and Statements:

            The Americans with Disabilities Act & Accommodations

In compliance with Lake Superior State University policies and equal access laws, disability-related accommodations or services are available to students with documented disabilities.

If you are a student with a disability and you think you may require accommodations you must register with Disability Services (DS), which is located in the KJS Library, Room 130, (906) 635-2355 or x2355 on campus.  DS will provide you with a letter of confirmation of your verified disability and authorize recommended accommodations.  This authorization must be presented to your instructor before any accommodations can be made.

Students who desire such services should meet with instructors in a timely manner, preferably during the first week of class, to discuss individual disability related needs. Any student who feels that an accommodation is needed based on the impact of a disability should meet with instructors privately to discuss specific needs.

IPASS (Individual Plan for Academic Student Success)

If at mid-term your grades reflect that you are at risk for failing some or all of your classes, you will be contacted by a representative of IPASS. The IPASS program is designed to help you gain control over your learning through pro-active communication and goal-setting, the development of intentional learning skills and study habits, and personal accountability. You may contact 635-2887 or email if you would like to sign up early in the semester or if you have any questions or concerns.

           Course Outline






Date   M/D


Reading Assignment

Assignment Due

Lecture 1




Introduction:  Classroom and assignments, equipment.



Pool 1




Water skills: Swim, float, skin diving



Lecture 2




Module 1: Class BuoyancyControl  Ascents/Descents Squeezes/Equalizing                 U/W Breathing/Air supply      U/W Communication

Chapter 1

Knowledge Review 1

Pool 2




Module 1:  Pool               Basics of Equipment Use Assembly/Disassembly   Regulator Recovery             Mask Clearing                         U/W Swimming                     Hand Signals                  Alternate Air Source Use



Lecture 3




Module 2:  Class             Thermal Protection                  Buddy Breathing (Optional)    General Diving Skills

Chapter 2

Knowledge Review 2

Pool 3




Module 2:  Pool                 Deep Water Entries             Safety Check                        Snorkel Clearing/Use     Snorkel-Regulator Exchange Descents/Ascents            Mask Removal/Replacement  No-Mask Swimming                 Air Depletion                      Weight Check              Equipment Removal and Egress



Lecture 4




Module 3:  Class                   Diving Conditions                      Care for Self and Others           U/W Thinking                      Offshore Diving

Chapter 3

Knowledge Review 3

Pool 4




Module 3:  Pool        Buoyancy/Fin Pivot                Cramp Removal                Regulator Free-flow               Air Depletion/Alternate Air     Source Use               C.E.S.A.                                     Tired Diver Tows



Lecture 5




Module 4:  Class               Nitrogen Narcosis    Decompression Sickness   Dive Tables/Planners

Chapter 4

& RDP Manual

Knowledge Review 4

Pool 5





Module 4:  Pool                Skin Diving Skills          Hyperventilation, Descents, Snorkel Clearing                  No-Mask Swim         Hovering                           Safety Stop Practice       Buddy Breathing (Optional)



Lecture 6




Module 5:  Class                   Safety Stops            Emergency Decompression     Altitude Diving                         Flying After Diving                     Dive Planning

Final Written Exam

Chapter 5 & RDP Manual

Knowledge Review 5

Pool 6




Module 5:  Pool            Removal/Replacement of Scuba Gear and Weights at Surface and at Depth                                           Review All Skills

Demonstrate Skill Proficiency