How Do You Know What Learning Style is good for you?????

The way a person prefers to learn is called his/her learning style.  There is no right or wrong /good or bad learning style.  Since everyone learns differently, understanding your learning style can help you gain a better understanding of yourself as a learner.

There are many different types of learning styles.  (Auditory (learn by hearing),  Tactile (learn by doing) and Visual (learn by seeing or writing).  Check out the following website , take the quizzes and find out what category you fall into.

Hemispheric Dominance Inventory (L/R)

Learning Style (Auditory, Visual, Tactile/Kinesthetic)  (Thanks to Cate Emerson for updating this link.)

Multiple Intelligences (8 Intelligences)

Drop by the Learning Centre to pick up Study Tips based on your learning style.  Located on the second floor of the Arthur A. Wishart Library.