Essay #2 Instructions

If you did not pick up these instructions when they were handed out in class, download them now.

    a.  Essay #2 Assignment

    b.  Mark sheet that will be used to grade your final essay

    c.  Download and work through the PowerPoint which we did in class. 

        Review the added material contained in that PowerPoint, especially Toulmin.

IMPORTANT:  Your FINAL essay MUST be emailed to me by Wednesday April 1 or I will be unable to grade it in time.

(It takes quite a bit longer for me to grade on the computer than it does with a hard copy.)

As this takes the place of a final exam, I will not be collecting and commenting on your essay until I receive the final file.

I expect that your final essay will consist of:

    a.  Cover page

    b.  Outline page (with a properly formatted running head)

    c.  2 to 3 pages of a carefully reasoned and well written argument (properly formatted and containing at least 2 in-text citations)

    d.  Works Cited page (also properly formatted using the MLA style sheet that we have been working with all semester)

You are encouraged to use the writing process that we have used all semester, but you will not be required to hand in (email)  your rough work and drafts.  I want to see ONLY the final product.

Plagiarism will result in a zero (0) for the assignment.