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  1. Intentional, gross, and egregious plagiarism will result in summary dismissal from the course, with a grade of F, and could result in your expulsion from the university.

  2. Careless plagiarism, resulting from sloppy research methodology and a lack of care and attention to the rules of citation, will result in a failing grade for that assignment.

  3. Accidental plagiarism, as an apparent result of the learning process, may result in lost marks, but not necessarily a failing grade for the assignment.

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Assignments, including readings and exercises, should be prepared before the class periods in which they are to be collected or discussed. They are to be typed. Hand-written assignments will not be accepted. You will be responsible for completing all assignments even if you have been absent the day on which the assignment was given and/or collected. Please make arrangements to submit your assignments even if you are too ill to come to class.  All assignments are subject to change with one class periodís notic

Assignment Format

  1. All assignments are designed to serve a number of purposes. They are meant to train you to become proficient with the structure of the essay. They are supposed to encourage you to expand and deepen your thinking. They are one way for you to show me how well you can do the task assigned.
  2. All assignments must be typed, double-spaced, with adequate margins (1") all round, on one side of the paper only. They should comply with either the MLA or APA  -format.
  3. Every assignment must begin with a cover page that contains the following information:  Title and type of essay, your name, instructor's name, course and section, date due (and date submitted if different).
  4. Each subsequent page must show the studentís name and page number in the running head.
  5. All references and quotations must be cited in the appropriate manner.
  6. Each assignment should be submitted when scheduled.  In the unlikely event that an assignment must be submitted late, it must he handed in to the faculty secretary.



Here are a few very important items of information that should make it easier for you to understand and remember what will be expected of you in your English course this semester.

1.  MOST IMPORTANT  -  The classroom and lecture space should be a place where  we feel free and comfortable to explore, try new ideas, and make mistakes.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we tolerate any students (or instructor) who taints this environment by making any degrading or disempowering gesture or comment that causes another student (or instructor) to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.  You are encouraged to argue any point, but remember that it is the idea that your are disputing, not the person.

2.  ALSO IMPORTANT  -  Please let me know if there is anything (major or minor) which troubles or confuses you.  I cannot help you solve a problem if I do not know about it.

3.  If you cannot hear me or another student, please make this known immediately.

4.  Take care of all 'handouts' as I will not have extras.  Handouts will be distributed only on the day of the class.  Copies missed as a result of absence must be obtained from your colleagues.

5.  If you have been absent, check with a colleague to find out what you have missed, or refer to the schedule.  You also may find some guidance and information on the web site ( to find out what you have missed.  Then if you need further clarification, please contact me during office hours.

6.  Assignments must be handed in at the start of the class when they are due.  Late assignments must be handed in for comment.  Missing assignments will result in a grade of zero (0) for that assignment.  A late assignments will be assessed a penalty of 10 % per day, weekends included, and must be handed in within one (1) week of its due date, or a failing grade will be reported for that assignment.

7.  Hand in late assignments directly into my hand when I am not talking to another student.  Do not leave them on the desk or elsewhere, except with the departmental secretary, who will note the time and the date and put them into my mailbox.

8.  ALWAYS save your rough copies and notes for an assignment until the end of the course.  This is for your own protection in case someone "borrows" your assignment and hands it in as his own.  Also, your rough work will serve as evidence that you are the author of the work you have handed in and have not "borrowed" it from someone.  Additionally, writing is a process, and you need to be able to show me that you are proficient in the process in order to receive marks for this part of the course.  Finally, in the unlikely event that your assignment is lost, you can reconstruct a replacement, especially if you have saved a copy of the final hand-in on disk or on photo-copy.

9.  If, for some unfortunate but valid reason, you will not be able to complete an assignment on time, please consult with me to arrange for a mutually acceptable alternative without penalty.  I do understand that disasters of a personal or mechanical nature occur from time to time, and I do not believe that people should be penalized for events that are not under their control.  But you must talk to me to keep me informed.  One way to minimize the potential damages caused by these disasters is to prepare your assignments well ahead of time.  If you are unable to attend class, give your assignment to someone else to deliver to me or to the secretary.

10. Correct all errors as soon as your work is returned to you.  There is no point in my noting areas that could use improvement if you are going to ignore my suggestions.

11. If there is anything that you do not understand about the marking of a paper, or cannot correct, please consult with me before or after class, or make an appointment to see me.

12. You are responsible for the remediation of any grammatical and mechanical  problems which you might have with your writing.  Sloppy writing will not be tolerated.