Loran: 31030.4/47820.5

What:  The remains of a late 19th century wooden ship.

Experience Level:  Beginner to advanced.  (Normally a mild current)

Depth:  40' at bottom

Where: The ship is a ten minute walk up the shore from Furkey's.  It is just outside the shipping channel and an easy shore dive.  But go with a guide first.  There's a trick to finding it.

Wow Factor:  The ship is busy with fish at night.  But check out the dive first during the day.  The hull is still standing and is relatively free of zebra mussels.  It's an interesting wreck dive, where one can study 19th century wooden boat construction.

Caution:  Fly a dive flag.  It is cottage country and pleasure craft need to know you are underneath.

Directions:  From the Sault Ste. Marie International Airport, continue south on Airport Road for about 2.5 km.  Turn left on Pte. aux Pins Road and follow it until you see the "Dead End" sign.  Turn onto Sand Road (the dirt road to your right) and follow it for about 150 metres to the right turn of the road.   Do not follow the turn to the right onto Pine Shore Road.  Turn left into what appears to be a private road.  Veer to the right and enter through the gate by the gas transfer station.  The Trans-Canada Pipeline crosses to the States at this location.  You will find an old concrete boat launch and a convenient wall to use to suit up.

Entry Procedure:  Enter the water or walk up the shoreline to your right.  Walk upstream for about 200 metres or so.  You can reliably follow the edge of the dropoff (drops from 4' to about 20') with ease.  This allows you to stay partially submerged, while not requiring fins or snorkel use.  If you keep your eyes on the shipping channel on your left you will see first a red buoy, then, later, a green one.  When you see the green buoy watch south (to the American side) shoreline for a red and white tower with a white light on top.  When the green buoy is to the left of this range light tower you're at the entry spot.  (There will be a grey cottage with a triangular brick chimney on the front to your right.)  When everyone's ready, descent on a heading of 180 degrees, and the bow should slide into view at about 35'.

Exit Procedure:  The easiest way to exit this dive is to drift downstream at about 35' until you see piles of rocks.  When you get to these piles you have two options.  If you and your buddy have a good supply of air you can visit the plane (See: Expediter) by following the rock piles to your right, or you could turn left and follow the slope up to exit at the boat launch where you parked.


Knee inside

 North Hull  -  Top


Bow chain detail
North top of hull