The Plane:  Expediter C-45

What:  A twin-engine Beechcraft, sunk by the now defunct Tridents Dive Club for divers.

Where:  Pointe aux Pins (Furkey's Marina)  Downstream from the Farwell.  It's an easy 40' shore dive from Furkey's.  Just follow the rock piles placed there to guide you to the plane.

Wow Factor:  Drift down from the Farwell, or dive it separately.  Long-nosed Suckers, Perch, and Whitefish are common inhabitants.

Caution:  Fly a dive flag.  It is cottage country and pleasure craft need to know you are underneath.

Directions:  From the Sault Ste. Marie International Airport, continue south on Airport Road for about 2.5 km.  Turn left on Pte. aux Pins Road and follow it until you see the "Dead End" sign.  Turn onto Sand Road (the dirt road to your right) and follow it for about 150 metres to the right turn of the road.   Do not follow the turn to the right onto Pine Shore Road.  Turn left into what appears to be a private road.  Veer to the right and enter through the gate by the gas transfer station.  The Trans-Canada Pipeline crosses to the States at this location.  You will find an old concrete boat launch and a convenient wall to use to suit up.

Entry Procedure:  Enter the water and swim out to the pilings at about 16'.  Swim upstream and look for a series of rock piles which will lead you to the plane.  At the end of the piles is an old kettle.  The spout points you tot he plane.  Keep an eye out for "chickens, deer, and rabbits."  A short swim (5 metres) you will discover an interesting sculpture.  Check it out.

Exit Procedure:  Simply turn around and follow the rock piles back to the shore.  You will exit facing your vehicles.