Are you struggling academically or already on Academic Probation? 

                                                    The Bounce Back program is designed for you!


                                                                     WHAT IS BOUNCE BACK?

Bounce Back is an academic support program for any student who has earned an average of less than 60%. 

Students who opt-in to the program (September or January) are matched with a staff member or mentor of the program. 

The Bounce Back team will work individually with each participant to better understand the challenges encountered in the previous semester,

develop new goals, and identify strategies to achieve these goals.


The Bounce Back program consists of several learning opportunities. 

Students who sign a contract and participate fully, will have the chance to win either an iPad or a $350 book credit at the bookstore (student chooses which one they would like)!

Prizes will be awarded to the top 2 students who improve their GPA the most from the previous full-time semester,

as determined by the Registrar’s Office,  and have completed all of the requirements.  

Students that complete all of the listed requirements, without exception, will be entered into a random draw to win either an iPad or $350.00 book credit (student chooses which they would like). 


The requirements are:

        Meet with an Academic Advisor

        Attend a Writing Lab or Math Lab session (depending on program)

        Attend a “Lunch and Learn” workshop featuring a motivational speaker (date TBA)

        Attend 3 out of 5 Student Success Workshops:

o   Organization and Time Management

o   Note Taking

o   Textbook Reading

o   Study Skills

o   Creating Power Point Presentations

 If you are interested in the Bounce Back program, please Raquel Lehto or Melissa Ouimette or email