ENGL1501  -  Student Comments


"Out of all the English courses I have taken in my years of college and ... the first in university, I really enjoyed this particular class. In college we were not taught to do a rough paper because one paper was your final paper, and here you challenged us [to create] roughs and finals."

Course Structure

"I thought the structure of the course was great.  I personally wouldn't change anything.  It was easy to find a balance in doing the little assignments after the [weekly] lessons.  I liked the weekly lessons followed by the students' application of those lessons."

"I liked the formation of the course because we would have something to do every week and each topic helped me in my essay."

"It was easy to follow because of the quizzes we used to have.  I enjoyed that particularly because then I knew where I was sitting with that subject and what to fix."

"I liked that we would have an assignment on what we learned each week. it helped to ensure that I understood the material

Writing Folders

"Absolutely loved the writing folders.  I enjoyed them because it was a complete culmination of nearly everything we've done.  You should continue to do the writing folders in this same structural approach.  It works well!"

"I struggled with the writing folders because I am not used to the fact of writing many copies, but this challenged me and I enjoyed it.  Pre-editing helped me understand where my weakness was.  What was most helpful was [the] writing folder.  It helped me understand I need more than one copy (draft). "

"I think both have advantages.  If they are collected each week, that would ensure that no assignment is forgotten. However, I think it was good that the assignment could keep being improved before it was put into the folder. The sheet that listed the assignments gets rid of forgetting anything.  I personally like the writing folders a lot."


"We don't really need more one-on-one time.  I thought the feedback was timely.  Certainly helped a lot."

Peer Editing

"It was helpful.  The rubrics were fine as well."

Personal Reaction

"Most helpful for me were the small assignments. Kept me going! ... Continue to collect ALL work for assignments, e.g., research, brainstorming, drafts.  All that stuff helped me greatly in writing my final papers."

"I really enjoyed this class because it challenged me and helped me understand a different perspective.  I hope some day I can enjoy another English class with you teaching."

"I loved this course.  I always really enjoyed your lectures.  I really like that you don't always use power points."